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Why sharing your case study

We would be more than happy if you take time to write down the agile BIM workflow you did experience. So that anyone can get inspirations from you. And as a community, we could have many examples to build with and end up with an agile BIM "best practices" or "framework" document.

How to do it ?

So if you are interested in sharing here your experience, please use this template and create a new page under this Use cases category To be able to quickly compare the approaches, it is better to follow a guide or template. So Here is the template you can use to write your own agile BIM use case.

Then write it and publish it, 😄 Just learn how to contribute to Agile BIM.org, it is very simple :)

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Agile BIM case study template

General information at the top of the article

  • Title: (100 characters max)

  • Summary (250 character max) : highlight the inspirations (scrum...) and why it is interesting

  • Projects / Program + Name + Client: for example : Office building for Hippo design

  • You name, function and profile : Full name + Link to LinkedIn (for example Sébastien Lucas Architect & developer, co-funder of Bricks, Linkedin)

  • Image: a Horizontal image that illustrates the project (1200px minimal width)

  • Link: A link to an external site to know more about that use case or this project

  • Software used : For example Application Trello, VR tool....

  • Agile practices: List the practices you used, like daily meetup, kanban board....

Article structure

Please share some images, pdf, schema.... to illustrate your text. Try to be factual and split in paragraphers for better readability .

We talk to both people who know agile and people who don't know. So make it simple for people with no prior knowledge to dive into the subject. Focus on the benefits, to always emphasize why theses approaches could help fix the problem of the "traditional" method.


  • Quick intro of you and your background

  • How you got interested in Agile

  • Why you chosed to this project to experience agile

Description of your agile use case

  • Describe how to you got the team involved and accept the process

  • Describe a typical workflow with the team (don't hesitate to illustrate with schema, images...)

    • step 1 (describe for each step of your workflow what needs to be done, the tools you used, the people it involves, the deliverables...)

    • step 2

    • step 3

    • ....

  • Describe the difficulties you faced

  • Describe the benefits you grasped


  • What is the benefits of these practices compared to traditional methods

  • What don't work yet and could be improved

  • What is for you, the next step for a future projects

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