Why Off site construction is the future of construction #10

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For this month Agile BIM meetup, Pascal Chazal CEO of Magazine Hors-Site (off site) will give a presentation about off site construction.

He will emphasize how this paradigm shift in construction in linked to the organization changes in the construction industry.

  • Why industrialization of construction and off-site is the future of construction

  • How to think and design a building with off-site construction in mind

  • How off-site can help tackle the challenge of retrofitting old buildings to cut their carbon emissions

  • How off-site change the way of collaborating together and has link with agile

Why off-site construction is important

Off-site construction is at the crossroad of many themes we talked about last months : * Modularization & Open-source architecture * Agile teams in construction * Robotization, CNC & Maker movement * AI and generative design * Climate change and carbon zero construction We will see how this evolution of the construction industry will also probably change the work organization and the methods. Let's get back to agile :)

And more important off-site construction, is a unique trigger to make the construction industry finally more innovative, because of the added rentability to invest in R&D. The immediate needs to refurbish thousands of building to make them eco-compatible is also a great field for off-site. So let's meet at the next meetup. Don't forget to reserve your seat in the LinkedIn event page https://www.linkedin.com/events/6760329981437501440/ and get late test news, replay. Till then, you can subscribe to our YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTjcoh157n3hxKCxpEvfqeQ to watch previous meetups.

Apprenez la construction hors-site gratuitement sur ce site https://www.campushors-site.com/

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