Agile construction project
How you can use agile at each stage of a building and architecture project

Programming phase

Design with the users
  • Exchanges with end-users to define uses
  • Progressive definition of the program through exploratory projects
  • Gather, if possible, all the main contractors during pre-configuration meetings: Project owner, Architects, Builders, Engineers to anticipate problems.
  • Don't necessarily complete a tied program, but agree to start with a base that will evolve as the design progresses.
Agile Methods: Design Thinking, Kanban Design phase

Design phase

Design with scrum for AEC
  • Work by iteration
  • Bringing together all design stakeholders
  • Agree on the expectations of each iteration and obtain clear validations.
  • Demonstrate the digital mock-up at each step of the process
  • Communicate on its progress and ideally organize stand-ups meetings every day or at least once a week.
  • Use digital tools: exchange platform, instant communication tool, file sharing tool to synchronize deliverables
  • Automate checks and allow each member to benefit from the feedback of the validation tools Agile
Methods: Kanban, Scrum, XP (test driven design)

Construction phase

Lean construction
  • To have a daily communication on iterations between companies on site
  • Seek to optimize the flow on the site and the expenditure of materials
  • Limit waste and reuse as much as possible
  • Bringing everyone together and looking for solutions together
  • Use collaboration and sharing tools to streamline information sharing
Agile methods: Lean construction, Kanban