🌊 Agile Building performance: Franck boutté + Spacio #15

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For the 15th meetup roughly 3 years after the first one, and first of 2022 :) We will talk about building performance optimization and specifically how to integrate it within the design process itself.

Why the common approach of building simulation often fails

Indeed you are probably used to less reactive or agile way of simulating the building. As often this is done at specific moment of the project, on the behalf of the engineers only.

The problem with that approach is that often it happens too late and the result of those simulation (good or not) can barely be used to modify the project design drastically as it would necessitate too much rework.

How to integrate building simulation to the Design process

We learned that agile is all about reducing the feedback loop by working with short iteration. And what valuable feedback is the building performance simulation of a building!

So we will see how to integrate those feedbacks in a continuous way, either by using more agile methods of working and collaboration, either by using new tools that make it much more simple to do regularly.

Thanks to :

  • an efficient Building model

  • Artificial intelligence

  • Parametric design

  • Improved interoperability

It is now possible to work in a very different way and reduce drastically the feedback loop to integrate the performance analysis directly within the design process.

The speakers

To illustrate this theme, we invite 2 speakers who will depict a complementary aspect of it.

First André Agi,architect and co-founder of a Spacio.ai, a norvegian based startup build by 3 architects and BIM manager to make real time building simulation a breeze thanks to all the goodness of parametric design and AI.

Then Mauro Contreras, a mexican born Energy sdimulation expert and scrum master, who work for Franck Boutté french environmental engineer consultants famous for his innovative approach to environemental design.

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