Time vs Objective 🎯

Why calculating the time spent on a project is not necessarily a good idea?

In an architecture project, profitability is often a problem. Many tasks are very time-consuming. The relationship with the client can also have an impact, if for example he requires a lot of meetings or changes his mind often. You see what I'm talking about? 🤣

So you're tempted to calculate the time of everything you do and ask the team to do it. This strategy in itself is not a bad one. But it can be seen as a burden on the team, including for a majority of us who do not see it as a very good thing to overload ourselves with these tasks, often perceived as "reporting".

But above all because these metrics are ultimately not very actionable. Once you've spent 10 hours doing a task when you thought you'd only spend 5 hours on it. What can we do? Ask the client for an extra charge? Unfortunately, that's rarely possible. Then what can we do?

I suggest you take a look at the Scrum, one of the most popular Agile approaches, and what this approach offers to visualize progress against objectives. 🎯

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