🌤️ Data driven building design with Covetool

Technology adoption in the AEC space typically lags far behind other industries. In this discussion, We'll highlight how to evaluate new technologies effectively and then give a practical guide for how to quickly roll out new tech into the architect's workflow on the design process. We’ll try to answer two questions :

  • How data can help you in the early stage ?

  • How data can improve your design process ?

To illustrate this theme, we invite Patrick Chopson, Co-Founder of covetool, the automated platform performance analysis for aec industry.

The role of Perfomance optimization

When do you work on perfomance optimization in your building design? Is it only the engineer work? Or also a work that can be done by an architect. This is the theme we are going to talk about the next 15th of September with Patrick Chopson from covetool at our next Agile BIM meetup. September is coming soon and a next #agilebim meetup is coming ! We follow our theme of the impact of data and especially performance optimization on architecture design. You will discover how doing performance optimization early and regularly can improve the design of a building. Why? This is as again the famous agile mantra"Shortening the feedback loop". The sooner a change is done the less costly it is. And in pre-design stage a lot of design decisions are made just using intuition. But now it is possible to play with the data to optimize your building in a more continous way. Currently the performance optimization is most often done too late in the project design. When many design choices has already been done. And the architect often wait the confirmation of an engineer who accept to work only when the project design is enough defined. But with the help of new online software like Cove tool, and with in mind the agile BIM methodology, it is now possible to change. If you want to know more, signup to our next agile BIM meetup.

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