🏂What is agile BIM?

AEC get inspirations from IT

The problems of the construction industry on the one hand and the innovations in new technologies on the other hand lead us to look at how, beyond technology, the software industry has been able to transform itself to meet the challenges of quality, cost and innovation.

Beyond the tools, it is above all managerial innovation that has enabled the software industry to transform itself in depth.

What is Agile BIM

Agile BIM is a transposition of agile approaches commonly used in IT, but also in marketing, HT, manufacturing and finnaly construction.

It is inspired by several methods such as Lean, Scrum, extrem programming, and many other practices in order to facilitate collaboration between project actors and contribute to produce a better quality project, less expensive and more adapted to the needs of its users.

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An agile project is a project whose progress is structured in successive iterations by prioritizing what has the most value for the client, and by involving the entire team transparently. It is also a self-organized team, which in each iteration seeks to improve through continuous improvement.

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