📅Agile in construction Events

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Agile BIM meetup #12 with Paolo Sammicheli and Davide Roitero

pageScrum for construction & Engineering : 2 case studies #12

Agile BIM meetup #11 with Felip Engineer

pageAccelerate with Scrum for construction #11

Agile BIM framework with François Muzard

Agile BIM Framework, François Muzard (Recorded at thinkBIM Conference)

Agile BIM meetup #10 with Pascal Chazal

pageWhy Off site construction is the future of construction #10

Agile in construction

Agile BIM meetup #9 with Edward Murphy

pageAgile in building / Hippo digital case study #9

Agile BIM meetup #8 with Luiz Felipe Conrado de Lima

pageArchitecture & Design thinking #8

Agile BIM conference (Italian and english)

Agile BIM meetup #7 with David Delgado vendrell

pageAgile BIM & openBIM #7

Agile BIM meetup #6 with Vincent Morael (in French)

pageLean construction #6

Agile BIM avec Bricks à l'agora Autodesk BATIMAT

BIM and Agile Mindset par Marcin Świerz

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