Go Beyond lean by Dee Rhoda from Scrum.inc #13

👉 About the meetup

Dee is developing a dedicated chapter to teach Scrum for architecture & construction. She will explain what is specifically challenging about this industry compared to others, and why adopting Scrum could be game changing for the industry.

She will also continue to advance the idea that Lean is not enough in the Design and Construction industry. Companies need to go beyond Lean and embrace Agile philosophy and the Scrum framework to be competitive, creative, and innovative. She has been researching and speaking on this topic throughout 2021 and looks forward to sharing what she continues to discover.

She will answer to all the questions you may have like how long it takes to switch to Scrum, what are the benefits of Scrum for AEC and much more.

And of course like always you may participate and ask question in the comment on Youtube.

👉 About Dee:

Dee is driven to guide individuals, teams and organizations on their journey in business agility. She believes that business success and workplace joy are achieved best by creating teams, leadership and organizations that are focused on people, customers, learning and continuous improvement. She has personally experienced many times over the positive impact of putting Agile philosophy and practices into action in multiple industries.

Dee has now turned her focus to the Design and Construction industry. Join her in this quest to continue the work put forth by Dr. Jeff Sutherland – changing the world of work AND helping individuals, teams and organizations find joy and happiness no matter what the work may be!

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Stats that explain why it is important to switch to product approach rather than project approach

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